Pragmatic Interoperability: A Systematic Review of Published Definitions

Provided by: University of Tuzla
Topic: Big Data
Format: PDF
Today's researchers argue that facilitating interoperability between applications by relying on agreements concerning the format and meaning (i.e. syntax and semantics) of exchanged data and the ordering of these exchanges are not enough to achieve a complete, effective and meaningful collaboration. The use of data (i.e. pragmatics) is important as well. Pragmatic interoperability thus requires that the use of data be mutually understood between collaborating systems. However, the authors observe that the notion of pragmatic interoperability is still largely unsettled, as evidenced by the various proposed definitions and the lack of a canonical understanding. Therefore, their objective is to contribute to a more in-depth understanding of this concept through a systematic review of published definitions. Their results show that, indeed, various interpretations of pragmatic interoperability exist.

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