Processor Realization for Application of Convolution

Convolution is very important in signal and image processing applications which is used in filter designing. Many algorithms have been proposed in order to accomplish an improved the performance of the filters by using the convolution design. The architecture of the proposed RISC CPU is a uniform 32-bit instruction format, single cycle non-pipelined processor. It has load/store architecture, where the operations will only be performed on registers, and not on memory locations. It follows the classical von-Neumann architecture with just one common memory bus for both instructions and data. A total of 27 instructions are designed in initial development step of the processor. The instruction set consists of Logical, Immediate, Jump, Load, store and HALT type of instruction.

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Research and Development (IJERD) Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Aug 2012 Format: PDF

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