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Even in the age of electronic communication, companies and authorities are subject to extensive legal requirements for archiving, which are generally derived from commercial and tax law, but also from many special regulations. As a result, a variety of data, e-mails and electronic documents must be archived in order to meet the legal requirements. Archiving systems raise numerous legal questions, particularly on the interface between technology and law.

The task of the legal guide is the compact answer to the legal questions concerning the areas of e-mail archiving, document management and data protection. This is intended to enable the reader to synchronize the technical and legal areas interdisciplinary.

Please note: This document is not a legal advice, but a general legal guide without reference to the specific case. It does not replace the binding legal information by a specialized lawyer. Please understand that, despite careful preparation, no guarantee or liability is assumed for the correctness of the content. In principle, every company is advised to be advised individually before any implementation on information or data protection issues.

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