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Meet the enterprise’s adjustable scale, high performance, smart security layered protection, all in one place.

Faced with increasingly severe cybersecurity threats, many companies are actively strengthening internal and external measures to protect the security of applications in the cloud. However, the continuous enhancement of attack methods, the rise of Open API, and the increasingly stringent government regulations on privacy and data protection have also caused companies to face great challenges in establishing network security protection mechanisms.

The three major threats facing applications today are DDoS, data leakage, and malicious puppet programs, which can be blocked by non-traditional network security equipment. To this end, enterprises need a layered protection with adjustable scale, high performance, and intelligent security. The Cloudflare cloud security service, well-recognized
by 27 million website users worldwide, has three advantages: satisfying different scales, high performance, and ease of use. In addition to blocking the ever-expanding DDoS, it can also reduce the management burden of information personnel to easily block any potential security threats.

It is worth mentioning that Cloudflare cloud security service will further conduct in-depth analysis from 27 million
global network traffic, in addition to detecting and preventing increasingly complex DDoS attacks, and tapping the
the potential of malicious puppet programs to attempt data theft.

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