Protection of Web Application Against SQL Injection Attack

Provided by: University of Hohenheim
Topic: Cloud
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8To provide fault tolerance for cloud storage, recent studies propose to stripe data across multiple cloud vendors. However, if a cloud suffers from a permanent failure and loses all its data, the authors need to repair the lost data with the help of the other surviving clouds to preserve data redundancy. They present a proxy-based storage system for fault-tolerant multiple-cloud storage called NCCloud, which achieves cost-effective repair for a permanent single-cloud failure. NCCloud is built on top of a network-coding-based storage scheme called the Functional Minimum-Storage Regenerating (FMSR) codes, which maintain the same fault tolerance and data redundancy as in traditional erasure codes (e.g., RAID-6), but use less repair traffic and hence incur less monetary cost due to data transfer.

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