Publicly Verifiable Ciphertexts

Provided by: Queensland Treasury Corporation Topic: Security Date Added: Jun 2012 Format: PDF
In many applications, where encrypted traffic flows from an open (public) domain to a protected (private) domain, there exists a gate-way that bridges the two domains and faithfully forwards the incoming traffic to the receiver. The authors observe that INDistinguishability against (adaptive) Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks (IND-CCA), which is a mandatory goal in face of active attacks in a public domain, can be essentially relaxed to INDistinguishability against Chosen-Plaintext Attacks (IND-CPA) for ciphertexts once they pass the gateway that acts as an IND-CCA/CPA filter by first checking the validity of an incoming IND-CCA ciphertext, then transforming it (if valid) into an IND-CPA ciphertext, and for-warding the latter to the recipient in the private domain.

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