Quick glossary: Hybrid cloud technology


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  • Published July 17, 2019
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Keeping up with the latest in technological innovations requires a persistent pursuit of knowledge and understanding. The twenty-five concepts defined in this quick glossary will help you better understand hybrid cloud technology and how it can benefit your enterprise.

From the glossary

When cloud computing was first introduced as a potential strategy for deploying information technology infrastructure in a business enterprise, the available applications offered by service providers were often limited. Tools and features like offsite storage and virtual machines were common, of course, but high-concept ideas like containers and hybrid cloud deployments were only hard to quantify distant future possibilities.

Times have certainly changed. For many modern business enterprises, cloud computing is the foundation for all of their deployed IT infrastructure. These data-driven businesses are turning to innovations like IoT networks and serverless edge computing to meet their need for more and better data. And hybrid cloud systems are now just part of the overall IT strategy.

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