Quick glossary: Hybrid cloud


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  • Published December 11, 2017
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Hybrid cloud technology is becoming a standard model for many modern enterprises, but the terminology can be difficult to fathom. This glossary of 25 hybrid cloud terms will help you gain an understanding of the fundamentals of this important information technology infrastructure.

From the glossary:

For enterprises around the world, cloud computing has changed the way work gets done. By bringing benefits like scalability, cloud computing has given enterprises the flexibility to adapt to changes in the marketplace that traditional on-premise information technology infrastructure could never accomplish as efficiently. The variable speed at which enterprise data flows through an organization requires computational power that only cloud-based systems can provide.

One of the primary ways enterprises accomplish this level of adaptability and scalability is with the use of a hybrid cloud system. By combining system elements from on-premise systems, private cloud networks, and third-party public cloud services, enterprises can achieve a unique infrastructure that matches their information technology requirements at any point in time. And because the mix can be modified when necessary, that infrastructure can be adapted to changing conditions almost immediately, as needed.

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