Quid-Pro-Quo-Tocols: Strengthening Semi-Honest Protocols With Dual Execution

Known protocols for secure two-party computation that are designed to provide full security against malicious behavior are significantly less efficient than protocols intended only to thwart semi-honest adversaries. The authors present a concrete design and implementation of protocols achieving security guarantees that are much stronger than are possible with semi-honest protocols, at minimal extra cost. Specifically, they consider protocols in which a malicious adversary may learn a single (arbitrary) bit of additional information about the honest party's input. Correctness of the honest party's output is still guaranteed. Adapting prior work of Mohassel and Franklin, the basic idea in their protocols is to conduct two separate runs of a (specific) semi-honest, garbled-circuit protocol, with the parties swapping roles, followed by an inexpensive secure equality test.

Provided by: University of Vigo Topic: Security Date Added: May 2012 Format: PDF

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