RDM 11 Architecture and Features

Provided by: Raima Topic: Storage Date Added: Mar 2012 Format: PDF
RDM 11.0 is a product developed by programmers for programmers. Its packages, APIs and utilities can be employed in countless combinations, assuming the responsibility for data collection, storage, management and movement. Programmers using RDM 11.0 can focus on their specialty rather than worry about managing their data. Given the variety of computing needs, a "One shape fits all" product will quickly be pushed beyond its limits. This paper discusses RDM 11.0 as a whole, as pieces, and as solutions built from those pieces. RDM 11.0 can be used for meaningful solutions in multiple industries, including Industrial Automation, Aerospace and Defense, Telecommunications, and Medical. This paper is for those who want more than "What" RDM can do, but also "How" it does it.

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