Re-thinking Enterprise Tech Support for the World of Internet of Things

Way back before the phrase “Internet of Things” was hot (in fact, way back before there was an Internet), there
were connected ATM devices. The ATM was actually pioneered by IBM1
in the 1960s and 1970s and went on
to change the face of banking. 24/7 availability gave customers more options while also freeing up time for bank
workers to sell additional services and provide support, rather than just handling money.

Over the years, the ATM’s technology has changed drastically, reaching the point where there’s something of an
arms race between bankers protecting customers, and criminals attempting to skim customer information.

That’s why modern ATM installations now include Internet-connected sensors, cameras, and alarms. Cameras
help protect customers through video security, sensors can tell whether a machine has been tampered with, tilted,
or otherwise damaged. Additional sensors can report whether the cash supply is running low and needs refilling or
whether there are jams or other problems. Alarms can sound in the event tampering is detected or a customer is
at risk.

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