Realization of Optical OFDM System Using Frequency Combs and Optical Modulators

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At both the ends of transmitter and receiver the realization of terabit per second high speed and high spectral-efficiency optical transmission is required. This paper describes the use of much lower speed electronics and optoelectronics through parallel processing of coherent optical frequency combs .The coherent and parallel processing enables Electrical-to-Optical and Optical-to-Electrical (E/O and O/E) conversion of wide-bandwidth optical signals which would otherwise exceeds the capability of conventional optoelectronics. As given in this research paper, an Optical Frequency Comb (OFC) generator provides 16 comb lines with less than 3.5-dB power variation. Subsequently, 1.115-Tb/s modulation capability is realized on 32 106 OFDM subcarriers with 16-QAM modulation in a 318-GHz seamless optical bandwidth.

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