Reconfiguration and Communication-Aware Task Scheduling for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing

High-performance reconfigurable computing involves acceleration of significant portions of an application using reconfigurable hardware. When the hardware tasks of an application cannot simultaneously fit in an FPGA, the task graph needs to be partitioned and scheduled into multiple FPGA configurations, in a way that minimizes the total execution time. This paper proposes the Reduced Data Movement Scheduling (RDMS) algorithm that aims to improve the overall performance of hardware tasks by taking into account the reconfiguration time, data dependency between tasks, inter-task communication as well as task resource utilization. The proposed algorithm uses the dynamic programming method. A mathematical analysis of the algorithm shows that the execution time would at most exceed the optimal solution by a factor of around 1.6, in the worst-case.

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery Topic: Hardware Date Added: Nov 2010 Format: PDF

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