Recruiting and hiring top talent: A guide for business leaders (free PDF)

Finding, hiring, and retaining the best employees has always been a critical aspect of running a successful business—and it’s become increasingly challenging in today’s tight job market. This comprehensive ebook covers everything from innovative recruitment technologies to launching an internship program to avoiding hiring process pitfalls.

From the ebook:

As companies increasingly turn to new recruiting tactics and technologies in a tight labor market, one element of the organization must rise above all others to find and hire top talent: company culture.

“Company culture is something that matters to talent across all segments,” said Lauren Smith, vice president of Gartner’s HR practice. “A large part of company culture depends on an employee’s day-to-day experience.”

Sharing information about day-to-day work in a job description can increase the likelihood of a candidate finding a job desirable by 23%, according to Gartner.

Candidates typically want to know the following about a company in a job description or early interview, Smith said:

The type of work the position will involve:

  • The company culture
  • The management style of manager
  • The potential career path(s) for the role
  • The characteristics of someone who would be successful in the role

Here are five tips to help your organization sell potential future employees on your company culture.

1. Create a career journey from the start
Organizations should lay out what the employee’s learning journey will be at the company from the start of the recruiting process, said Nate Meneer, a researcher at Forrester Research.

“I think the perfect scenario if you have a prospective recruit is that there can be an honest conversation about what that role is going to do for the employee and what that role is going to do for the employer,” Meneer said. “Make it clear to the employee in terms of resources that are going to be offered for learning and development.”

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