Red Hat Enterprise Linux -- The original cloud operating system

Provided by: Red Hat
Topic: Networking
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The operating system (OS), which runs applications on top of physical infrastructure, has served as the foundation of traditional IT for decades. The OS has since emerged as the cornerstone for new technology innovation, transforming enterprise IT with robust applications that deliver a more personalized experience, are available from a wide variety of devices, and are accessed by more users around the world.

Despite the innovation it is driving now, the OS has had a tough recent history. Over the past five years, naysayers have touted the demise of the OS. Many believed that a distinct OS would soon become totally irrelevant, and not needed for any use case. A blog posting titled “The Cloud Will Kill the OS” lays out the rationale behind this prediction, “the OS is the main monolith that the cloud will eventually break up into multiple discrete units of functionality.”

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