Reengineering Multi Tiered Enterprise Business Applications for Performance Enhancement and Reciprocal or Rectangular Hyperbolic Relation of Variation of Data Transportation Time with Row Prefetch Size of Relational Database Drivers

Provided by: International Journal of Computer Science Issues
Topic: Big Data
Format: PDF
In a traditional multitier applications performance bottlenecks can be in user interactions level or network latency or data access or business logic level. The solutions as changes or tuning parameters can be applied at architect, design, framework or algorithm or at coding level. This paper highlights an inquisitive, experimental, top down, tear apart, drill down and analytical approach across two aspects one across end to end process flow and data flow on those specific use cases or scenarios requiring performance improvement and another across layers of abstraction like architecture, framework, design, logic and coding. Re engineering for performance gain requires identifying hot spots on both aspects viz which architectural, design decision or which processing or data flow stage is having performance issue.

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