Reinventing enterprise IT for digital business: mobile, analytics, cloud and security

How can I help my organisation create better customer experiences?

The answer seems straightforward – spend less on infrastructure maintenance and more on innovative customer engagement via cloud, analytics and mobile applications.

But what does that actually involve? Is undergoing such a massive shift worth it? And how can you control costs, complexities and risk while doing so?

A recent global study by IBM found fewer than 10% of companies felt their infrastructure was fully prepared to meet the demands of mobile technology, social media, big data and cloud computing.

However, enterprises that are prepared have improved customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage by:

  • Enabling flawless mobile interaction
  • Applying in-transaction analytics
  • Delivering agile cloud services
  • Ensuring the highest levels of security and availability.

Discover how IBM Systems can make this a reality in your organisation and learn from other clients on the journey toward providing better customer experiences.

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