Relay Network Extension on Wireless Access Links (ReNEWAL) of High Rate Packet Data (HRPD)

A novel method of architecting relay functions, within the paradigm of frequency division duplex based cellular networks, by modifying the Access Terminals (AT) to AT Relays (ATR) and enhancing HRPD Access Networks (AN) is proposed. Traditional applications such as spot/emergency coverage, and new applications related to network auto-configuration, optimization, and fault management are supported. Two bi-directional data streams are supported concurrently within a single AT radio aided by relatively simple enhancements to power and resource allocation mechanisms at the AT/AN, and interference cancellation at the AN to reduce blow-back to the data-sourcing ANs from the forwarding ATRs. A self-routing and self-configuring backhaul capability is created with a new flow type, and by adding a new request-response route-discovery protocol.

Provided by: Alcatel-Lucent Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jun 2011 Format: PDF

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