Repeated Preamble Based Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation in the Presence of I/Q Imbalance

Provided by: Osaka Prefecture University
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
The paper proposes a novel estimation of Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) and I/Q imbalance, based on the popular repeated preamble. By investigating the nonlinear least squares cost function of CFO estimation, the authors discover a general relation among three arbitrary pilot symbols and derive several useful linear equations. Then, they propose a corresponding linear least squares estimation of unsigned CFO with explicit closed-form solution. Using the tentative CFO estimate, the I/Q imbalance can be estimated with sign ambiguity. Notice that the taps of the FIR filter representing frequency-dependent imbalance in practical frond-ends are constrained, they also propose a novel computation-free detection method to solve the sign ambiguity.

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