Report: The Cost of Using the Public Cloud

For many companies the appeal of the public cloud is very real. For tech startups, the cloud may be their only option, since many don’t have the capital or expertise to build and operate the IT systems their businesses need.

More performance also enables each HCI node to support more VMs, driving down the cost per VM. The VxRail nodes in this TCO study are an example this, with each node supporting up to 200 VMs. This enabled a 6-node cluster to support the 650 VMs used for this model, where 7 nodes were required with the previous generation.

In this report we’ll explore that question, comparing the cost of an on-site hyperconverged solution with a comparable set up in the cloud. The on-site infrastructure is a Dell EMC VxRail hyperconverged appliance cluster and the cloud solution is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Learn the best outcome for your business needs with Dell EMC solutions powered by Intel®.

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