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  • Published August 22, 2017
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From the report:

For decades, Apple was relegated to home use along with a few niche markets like education and desktop publishing. These days, Apple is flooding boardrooms and sales floors with its easy-to-use mobile devices, with the Mac coming along for the ride.

The influx is coming from two directions. Executives, increasingly needing 24/7 connectivity, want everything to be as easy as possible. Over the last half decade, the BlackBerry has been shed for the easier to use iPhone and iPad.

On the other end, college classrooms are filled with glowing Apple logos from MacBook Air notebooks. The latest iPhone is the must-have fashion accessory. And as those college students move into the workforce, they want to bring their devices with them.

Thanks to the increasingly platform-agnostic cloud, and Apple’s market leader position in mobile, the company has been making rapid inroads in the enterprise. It’s not an entirely new trend, either. Two out of 5 companies that responded to Tech Pro Research’s newest survey said they’ve been using Apple for more than ve years, with not quite 1 in 5 saying they’d adopted Apple within the last two years.


Tech Pro Research’s survey was conducted online in April 2015 to gather data on how Apple is used in the enterprise, including whether companies allow the use of Apple products, bring-your-own-device trends, driving factors in Apple adoption and more. With 1,369 respondents, the results give a thorough view of Apple’s role in the enterprise and where the potential lies for future growth.

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