Research: Big data and IOT - Benefits, drawbacks, usage trends


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  • Published February 28, 2016
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Big data and the Internet of Things, which is popularly known as IoT, are two rapidly growing technological forces which have often blended together amidst new advances and possibilities. The broad expanse of categories that apply to both concepts can make definitions difficult to pin down, but in a nutshell, big data is a collection of information gleaned from various sources which is then parsed to determine trends, opportunities and statistical details, among other results which can benefit the business or industry.

IoT describes internet-connected objects such as consumer electronics, environmental sensors, security monitoring equipment and wearable devices. These objects record and/or transmit data which can then be used for a plethora of purposes: alerting, monitoring, remote control functionality and data analysis. The two concepts can easily work hand-in-hand for mutual benefit.

Tech Pro Research conducted a survey in January 2016 to find out how organizations are using big data and IoT. Find out the results of this survey in the downloadable full report.

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