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IT Leaders' Tech Predictions for 2015-2018


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  • Published November 1, 2014
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Consumers, businesses and IT professionals alike know that technology is no stranger to change. Ever since the 1980’s, when the era of home and business computing for the masses truly began, systems, processes and the personnel to support them have operated on a never-ending walkway. Whether upgrading from a 286 to 386 CPU in 1985 or waiting for the new iPhone 6 in 2014, IT is built upon constant change (with both good and bad results depending on circumstances).

Some expected changes are obvious to spot: innovative products or services that fill a need are going to lead the pack but who determines the needs? How best to fulfill them?

To find the answers, Tech Pro Research surveyed 418 IT CXO's and non-CXO's from around the globe to find out what they predict the next three years will bring to IT departments. Topics covered include:

  • Top technological priorities
  • Changes and challenges facing IT departments
  • Favored vendors
  • Relevance of current technology over next three years
  • Relevance of emerging technologies over next three years
  • Most important endeavors and issues to IT departments over next three years

Download the full report, IT Leaders' Tech Predictions for 2015-2018, to find out what IT leaders predict for the future of IT.

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