Research: SMBs discuss current status and future adoption plans of new technologies (TechRepublic Premium)


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  • Published February 14, 2017
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From the report:

The main thing to take away from this survey is that many technologies are becoming more SMB friendly. Major vendors are finding ways to lower prices on hardware/software that was typically only used in enterprises as well as trying to compete with startups that are offering these technologies in more accessible ways to SMBs.

Other takeaways from this survey:

• Cloud (both SaaS and IaaS) is affecting several of these statistics, especially where hardware is concerned. Things like flash, storage capacity, and servers may not be adopted by SMBs because it’s easier for them to put their compute directly in the cloud.

• In many cases these technologies are not getting implemented because of a lack of knowledge. Decision makers are either not aware of some of these things, or the IT staff is not familiar with how to implement and maintain them. This may change over the next few years as some technologies become more user friendly or more commonplace.

• Price is always going to be a major factor for SMBs when purchasing hardware or software. Even if you can prove ROI, some SMBs may just simply not be able to afford large purchases such as all flash storage and blade servers. Prices in hardware will need to come down considerably before SMBs will start purchasing them regularly.

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