Results: CMP's Survey on the Price of Data Movement Failure

Provided by: Sterling Commerce
Topic: Software
Format: WORD
What are the real costs to your organization when the systems you rely on to get business done fail? What happens when the systems impact not only your internal network but also your external customer and vendor relationships? These were just two of the questions raised in a recent survey, conducted by CMP to see how IT managers, directors and executives are using information integration in their current roles and in their strategic planning.

Download the survey results to read all of the questions and learn more about:
  • The business drivers motivating organizational change
  • The percentage of business revenue conducted electronically
  • The impact of data movement failures
  • The system requirements that are must haves for decision-makers
  • The future of SOA
Then view this webcast to learn how your peers responded and how they are delivering substantial value to their businesses by implementing solutions that establish data consistency between multiple applications without "ripping and replacing" existing architecture.

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