Review of Methods for Mobile Radio OFDM Systems

This paper investigates different methods for improving accuracy of bit error rate. It also improves spectral efficiency for mobile radio OFDM systems with the use of fading prediction. A comprehensive list of references is reported and comparisons of various methods such as UAM, ATCM, BICM & ABICM is reported. ABICM method based on expurgated bound proves the better performance for maintaining Bit Error Rate (BER) compared to ABICM method based on Bhattacharya bound. A Long Range fading Prediction (LRP) is very useful for maintaining reliability of Channel State Information (CSI). By combining the effect of fading prediction and expurgated bound for adaptive bit interleaved coded modulation the performance of spectral efficiency improves for both reliable and unreliable CSI conditions.

Provided by: International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (IJETAE) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Oct 2012 Format: PDF

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