Revolutionizing the Future Workplace

A variety of technological, demographic and cultural forces are converging at this unique moment in history and stand poised to revolutionize the workplace of the future. Customers are demanding the ability to access the marketplace from anywhere, anytime and on any device; newer employees now expect the flexibility to collaborate continuously with customers and co-workers; and the future-oriented company is striving to make customer interaction and employee communication as invisible, seamless and intuitive as possible.

The use of video and video-conferencing tools are integral to this transformation, and the CIO will be at the epicentre of this transition. Those CIOs who can shift their thinking and look to partner with established video conferencing companies such Polycom will be able harness the tools and build the solutions necessary to create the future workplace. In so doing, they will not only position their company for success by enhancing customer loyalty but by redefining the nature of the workplace so that workers can unleash and accelerate radical innovation.

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