RFG Analyst Report: 10 Reasons LinuxONE is the Best Choice for Linux

Wherever an organization is in the world today, it relies on IT in its quest to drive revenues, improve profit margins, and service customers. Yet most small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs)
and government agencies select IT infrastructure solutions that drive higher costs and limit the business’ ability to respond to changes in the marketplace. This is driven by perceptions that
many IT executives running Linux and open source applications have regarding server platforms. Specifically, they erroneously believe that their best option is to execute the applications either
on standalone or virtualized on x86 servers. RFG finds that there are 10 compelling reasons why an IBM LinuxONE solution is superior to an x86 one, including the fact that LinuxONE is a better, more economical choice. This holds true for entities in developing countries that have as few as 30 Linux workloads or 20 Linux servers, as well as large enterprises with an IT infrastructure that spans across multiple data centers. The total cost of ownership (TCO) for the Linux applications on x86 servers is more than 65 percent more expensive than on LinuxONE servers in these environments. Additionally, the LinuxONE return on investment (ROI) is quicker and total cost of acquisition (TCA) is less than that of x86 Linux solutions for organizations having more than 20 Linux servers.

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