Special report: Riding the DevOps revolution (free PDF)

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This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, explores the ways a DevOps approach allows IT to deliver applications rapidly, provide continuous improvement, and avoid silos that can slow down big companies.

From the ebook:

IT is undergoing a period of rapid change, as traditional on-premises data centres move from hosting siloed client/server applications on often-underutilised physical hardware to running cloud-native apps on highly virtualised infrastructure—be it on-premises, in the public cloud or a hybrid combination of both. Key attributes of ‘cloud-native’ applications include the widespread use of microservices (small portions of independently deployable functionality), efficient packaging and deployment via containers, and communication via APIs.

A major driver of all this change is the need for speed, as businesses pursue digital transformation strategies in order to disrupt their markets, or simply remain competitive. This, in turn, has led to a new practice of combined application development and IT delivery called DevOps.

Speaking to ZDNet sister site Tech Pro Research recently, Kamal Anand, vice-president of cloud business unit at A10 Networks, outlined the background to these trends:

“From my perspective, the movement towards cloud, towards DevOps, is very driven by agility—that’s the foundation. Companies and organisations want to deliver functionality faster: for example, all of us, on our mobile phones, are used to apps that are updated on a daily basis, with new functionality showing up, and there’s a lot of competitive pressure to continue that innovation.”

“What does that mean? That means I need infrastructure that’s easily available and can be provisioned on demand; it means applications and code that can be updated on a weekly or daily basis rather than once a year. Digital transformation strategies are evolving because there are so many technology changes, so you have to react fast. DevOps is critical for digital transformation, but I would say as an enabler rather than a definite requirement—it allows you to be more agile, deliver things faster and react to market conditions quicker.”
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