Robust Control of an M/G/1 Processor Sharing Queue With Applications to Energy Management

Provided by: Swinburne University of Technology
Topic: Data Centers
Format: PDF
The Internet contains many devices that must process multiple jobs at the same time. For many purposes, such devices can be modelled as M/G/1-PS queues. This paper investigates such a queue. The authors consider single-pass, lossless, queueing systems at steady-state subject to Poisson job arrivals at an unknown rate. Service rates are in general allowed to depend on the number of jobs in the system, i.e., speed-scaling. A general goal is to control the state dependent service rates such that both energy consumption and delay are kept low. As there is a tradeoff between the two, a sensible performance measure is a linear combination of the mean job delay and energy consumption, where power is generally assumed to be an increasing polynomial function of the speed.

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