Safeguard Your Business For Digital Transformation: Five Steps To Starting Your Cloud Perimeter Journey

Digital transformation is omnipresent for today’s businesses. Adopting and mastering this transition is imperative, and neglecting to do so means certain loss of mindshare and market share — if not complete failure — in today’s agile, ultra-competitive, and hyper-connected world.

Businesses that pursue digital transformation will be rewarded, but not without facing challenges with their ever-expanding attack surface as well as their existing network and security architectures. Successful transformation will require the evolution of traditional enterprise network, security, and application delivery architectures.

TODAY: Inside = trusted — but users and applications are moving outside the traditional perimeter and threats are moving inside. The traditional perimeter-centric approach is no longer effective and increases risk.

TOMORROW: There is no inside and zero trust is key. Evolve to a cloud perimeter, which is straightforward and reduces risk. It uses the Internet as its core network, and removes the complexity that businesses deal with around appliance deployment, management, patching, license counts, and more.

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