Salesforce Platform: Shining a Light on Shadow IT - Replacing Lotus Notes

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Topic: Data Management
Format: Podcast
Every organization has a 'Shadow IT', where users are feverishly at work building makeshift solutions that include large, complex spreadsheets, homegrown databases, and ad hoc custom software, all beyond the oversight, control, and expertise of corporate IT. These solutions are often siloed, unsecured, inaccurate, and unable to leverage new technology needs, like mobile and social. Gartner predicts that Shadow IT will continue to rapidly grow as corporate IT finds it harder and harder to keep up with the needs of the organization. Is this good or bad for the organization? This panel will debate this question and discuss how Lotus Notes became the defacto platform for building these applications in the 90's but customers got trapped on aging technology with IBM under investing. Join us to learn how to move forward using as a replacement for Lotus Notes.

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