Scalable Communication for Web Applications by Using Windows Azure Serive

Cloud computing has emerged as an ideal platform for deploy scalable web applications. But at the same time they give up data consistency. However, many applications cannot give any data inconsistency scalable transaction manager which guarantee ACID properties for multi-item connections issued by Web application, even in the attendance of server failure and network partitions. The authors execute this approach on top of the two main families of scalable data layers: Bigtable and SimpleDB. Performance evaluation on top of HBase (an open-source version of Bigtable) in their local cluster and Windows Azure Table Storage Service in the Windows cloud shows that their system scales linearly at least up to 40 nodes in their local cluster and 80 nodes in the Windows cloud.

Provided by: IJCTT-International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology Topic: Cloud Date Added: Mar 2013 Format: PDF

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