Scale Computing HC3 a Qualitative Evaluation

Simplicity is valued in nearly every area of enterprise IT but not often easy to deliver effectively. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) consolidates storage, networking and virtualized
workloads into an easy-to-deploy, appliance-like experience.

HC3 is an integrated solution, managed through a simple and intuitive web interface, with nodes within a cluster that coordinate with each other to monitor the overall state of the system.

Extending beyond these basic function blocks, HCI also includes tools essential for Enterpises stabaility: Rapid deployment, backup, disaster
recovery, simplified management, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) and embedded clustering technology to provide in-the-rack, high availability. HC3’s robust feature set includes the following:

• HC3 to HC3 System VM Replication

• VM Snapshot Scheduling

• Bulk VM actions

• VM Cloning

• Non-disruptive VM live migration between nodes

• VM and System performance monitoring

• Automatic VM failover in a node failure scenario

• Automatic data restriping in the event of a failed disk

• Self-monitoring and self-healing

• Non-disruptive software upgrades

• No single point of failure

• Scale-up system resources with no downtime required

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