Secure Degrees of Freedom of the Gaussian Wiretap Channel With Helpers

Provided by: University of Mary Washington
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
The secrecy capacity of the canonical Gaussian wiretap channel does not scale with the transmit power, and hence, the secure d.o.f. of the Gaussian wiretap channel with no helpers is zero. It has been known that a strictly positive secure d.o.f. can be obtained in the Gaussian wiretap channel by using a helper which sends structured cooperative signals. The authors show that the exact secure d.o.f. of the Gaussian wiretap channel with a helper is 1 2. Their achievable scheme is based on real interference alignment and cooperative jamming, which renders the message signal and the cooperative jamming signal separable at the legitimate receiver, but aligns them perfectly at the eavesdropper preventing any reliable decoding of the message signal.

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