Secure Pairing of "Interface-Constrained" Devices Resistant Against Rushing User Behavior

Secure Device Pairing is the process of bootstrapping secure communication between two devices over a short- or medium-range wireless channel (such as Bluetooth, WiFi). The devices in such a scenario can neither be assumed to have a prior context with each other nor do they share a common trusted authority. Fortunately, the devices can generally be connected using auxiliary physical channel(s) (such as audio, visual, tactile) that can be authenticated by the device user(s), thus forming the basis for pairing. However, lack of good quality output interfaces (e.g, a speaker, display) and/or receivers (e.g., microphone, camera) on certain devices makes pairing a very challenging problem in practice.

Provided by: Springer Healthcare Topic: Security Date Added: May 2009 Format: PDF

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