Secure Sensitive Data with Structured Data Manager and Voltage SecureData

Meet the Latest Structured Data Management Requirements and Protect Sensitive Data.

The next generation of structured data management (SDM) technology has far more to accomplish than its earlier predecessors.

You now have the ability to encrypt sensitive data in place or in the archive with Voltage SecureData from Micro Focus.

Your company’s sensitive data is important to many stakeholders, including your employees, your business, and your customers, and this has always been true. The requirement to protect this data is not simply an internal best practice.

Failing to comply can jeopardize much more than the data – your success in the
industry and financial standing could fall into jeopardy.

For this reason, businesses should always assess whether they have the right technology in place to proactively avoid an information breach and also provide secure data management capabilities within the organization.

Read more to see how Micro Focus Information Management and Governance suite can help your organisation securely meet regulatory, privacy, and jurisdictional retention requirements.

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