Secure your Microsoft Environment. From the Network to the Cloud to the Endpoint

Your business relies on a Microsoft® infrastructure that stretches from your network to the cloud to endpoints located around the world. In many ways, the success of your business relies on how secure your Microsoft infrastructure is. Your users do not care where the applications and data reside; they only care about getting their job done. SharePoint®, Skype for Business, or Active Directory® deployed on the network, in Azure®, or as part of your Office 365® subscription should have no impact on the success of your business.

Attackers do not care where your applications and data reside, either. Their attack patterns are the same: Gain access to the network, oftentimes by compromising an endpoint – mobile or otherwise. Once on the network, their goal may be to steal customer data, utilize your network to harvest Bitcoin, or become part of a botnet. The challenge your organization faces is how best to protect your highly distributed Microsoft infrastructure from cyberattacks.

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