SEGNET: Secure Geo-Sensor Network Model

Provided by: University of Calabria
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
Wireless GEO-Sensor NETworks (GEONET) is suitable for critical applications in hostile environments due to its flexibility in deployment. But low power geo-sensor nodes are easily compromised by security threats like battery exhaustion attack which may give rise to unavoidable circumstances. In this type of attack, intruder forcefully resists legitimate sensor nodes from going into low-power sleep state. So that compromised sensor nodes' battery power are drained out and they stop working. Due to the limited capability of sensor nodes, it is very difficult to prevent a sensor node from this type of attack which apparently appears as innocent interaction. In this paper, a framework of secure GEONET model (SEGNET) is proposed based on dynamic load distribution mechanism for heterogeneous environment.

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