Selecting The Right Workstation

This white paper highlights five core principles to ensure workstation choices will drive transformational productivity gains and provide a sharper competitive edge.

Five key criteria for selecting the right workstation for the right job.

The most important factor in procuring the right workstation is knowing how it will be used. The intended purpose determines which components are critical to performance and which are optional or even unnecessary. In addition, the more you know about how the workstation will be used, the more performance can be achieved per dollar spent. By first identifying the various modes of use and then weighing the importance and frequency of those tasks, you can better determine the right workstation for the job.

Invest for today’s application requirements with an eye toward tomorrow’s.

For many organizations worldwide, today’s workstation investments will help drive their digital transformation, which includes fundamental workforce and IT transformations. Together, these will enable quantum gains in both individual and organizational performance. By adding powerful productivity and collaboration enhancements — among them artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, AR and VR — work teams can accelerate time-to-market, improve responsiveness to new market opportunities and get more done in less time.

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