Servers: Choosing a Trusted Partner

An important component of moving forward with a server upgrade is choosing the right partner.
Whether you are an enterprise, government agency or small business, an organization needs a
knowledgeable and trustworthy technology partner when evaluating data center upgrades,
transformation or modernization.

The solution may be easily solved with readily available COTS platforms, or may require
complex program analysis and custom design – or something in between. Whatever your
direction, your partner must be able to help you analyze the exact solution to fit your technology
and budget needs.

Additionally, you may be a software developer addressing a specific market segment – such as
cybersecurity. In that case, you need a hardware partner that knows every aspect of the server
architecture inside and out, to help you create the perfect appliance platform to supercharge

Whatever the challenge, having an expert partner at your side every step of the way will ensure

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