Short Non-Binary IRA Codes on Large-Girth Hamiltonian Graphs

Short non-binary Irregular Repeat-Accumulate (IRA) codes based on well-known Hamiltonian and Hypohamiltonian graphs with large girth are presented. The mapping of the code coordinates on the graph edges is discussed for Hamiltonian graphs, and two encoding methods on Hypohamiltonian graphs are introduced. The performance of the presented codes on order- 256 finite fields (F256) is provided for both the Additive White GaussiaN (AWGN) channel and the Binary Erasure Channel (BEC) under ITerative (IT) decoding. For the latter case, the performance under Maximum Likelihood (ML) decoding is also presented, to illustrate that the proposed codes not only attain performances close to the random coding bound, but also show limited losses when decoded iteratively.

Provided by: University of Bochum Topic: Mobility Date Added: May 2012 Format: PDF

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