Signal Detection and ISI Cancellation for Quantity-Based Amplitude Modulation in Diffusion-Based Molecular Communications

Provided by: National Taiwan University
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Diffusion-based molecular communications has becoming a promising approach for end-to-end communication between nano-machines. However, due to the randomness nature of molecule diffusions, the arriving time of each molecule is hard to predict and the late coming molecules will become a source of interference when doing detection. This effect will cause a severe degeneration of the system performance. Through the authors' explorations, the conventional methods for mitigating the interference cannot be directly applied in these diffusion-based molecular communication environments. One of the main reasons is that the channel response is now time-variant. In this paper, they first apply Bayesian criterion to design an end-to-end communication system using quantity-based modulation (i.e. the information is imbedded in the number of molecules transmitted).

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