Signals in the Noise: Orange Cyberdefense

Dispelling cybersecurity myths!

Most of us are familiar with the story of Achilles, the heroic Greek warrior that survived many great battles during the Trojan War.
This popular Greek myth provides a useful analogy in the context of enterprise security, as even the greatest security systems and –
procedures can have their Achilles moment in light of seemingly remote vulnerabilities.

When securing a corporate IT network it’s all too easy to focus on the obvious items like laptops and servers. The smaller supercomputers that every employee uses just as frequently, if not more, during the course of their working day can often be overlooked.

Security is an industry dominated by Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, perpetuated by strong personalities and vendors with specific, limited agendas. It may be that our real Achilles’ heel
is the willingness with which we accept and act upon generic and biased guidance at the expense of deliberate, thoughtful and analytical strategy. We need the courage to explore our own holy ground.

With Orange Cyer Defence you can expect the following:

  • Enterprise-grade cybersecurity that is built on threat intelligence and unparalleled access to current and emerging threat protection
  • Orange cyberdefense retains 25+ years track record in information security
  • An analytical approach to network security including with support in 160 countries
  • Machine learning that helps prevent leaks and detect threats

The future is now! Read more to see how you can protect your enterprises most valuable assets with Orange Cybersecurity!

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