Simple is Better: Overcoming the complexity that robs traditional data warehouses of their full potential

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Provided by: IBM
Topic: Big Data
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Hundreds of organizations have escaped the frustrations of their first-generation data warehouses by replacing older database technologies with IBM data warehousing and analytic appliances. The systems that were replaced forced their users to deal with too much complexity; their warehouses demanded constant administration from highly trained specialists. This complexity is doubly corrosive: the costs of administration spiral upward and out of control as data volumes grow, while the business, distanced from its data, must seek technical expertise to manage its interaction with the information. Disenchantment can lead business units to abandon the warehouse in pursuit of their own business intelligence initiatives: creating data silos, duplicating technology stacks, and introducing unwelcome risk to data governance and security. Learn how the IBM PureData System for Analytics can make advanced analytics on big data simpler, faster and more accessible across the enterprise.
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