Single Hop IEEE 802.11 DCF Analysis Revisited: Accurate Modeling of Channel Access Delay and Throughput for Saturated and Unsaturated Traffic Cases

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jul 2011 Format: PDF
Analytical models for IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) play important roles in performance estimation, protocol optimization and admission control for wireless networks utilizing this MAC protocol. While a myriad of models for IEEE 802.11 DCF channel access delay and throughput exist, such models' accuracy is generally limited to rather narrow ranges of scenario parameters. The authors' investigations single out the inaccuracy in modeling the backoff process as the primary reason for the said deviations. In this paper, they introduce two highly accurate models for IEEE 802.11 DCF protocol in a single-hop setting under both saturated and unsaturated traffic loads.

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