Single-Shot Security for One-Time Memories in the Isolated Qubits Model

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Provided by: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Topic: Storage
Format: PDF
One-Time Memories (OTM's) are simple, tamper-resistant cryptographic devices, which can be used to implement sophisticated functionalities such as one-time programs. OTM's cannot exist in a fully-classical world, or in a fully-quantum world, but there is evidence that they can be built using \"Isolated qubits\" - qubits that can only be accessed using Local Operations and Classical Communication (LOCC). Here, the authors present new constructions for OTM's using isolated qubits, which improve on previous work in several respects: they achieve a stronger \"Single-shot\" security guarantee, which is stated in terms of the (smoothed) min-entropy; they are proven secure against general LOCC adversaries; and they are efficiently implementable.
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