Slash Cloud Backup Costs with Quest® QoreStor®

With its scalable and flexible cost structure, more companies are turning from tape to low-cost cloud object storage for backup of their growing structured and unstructured data. Cloud-based object storage solutions offer high scalability, moderate performance, low cost and ease of management.

But organizations don’t reap those advantages simply by pushing their data into the cloud – they get the most out of cloud storage when they consider and implement architectural changes to fully support its advantages. Careful consideration around technology and deployment will keep you from making costly mistakes, like sending duplicate data to the cloud and storing low-priority data in expensive cloud storage tiers.

This paper explains how you can significantly lower cloud object storage requirements and cost for data protection. With the right practices, and technology like Quest QoreStor in place, you can take advantage of object storage in the cloud to lower the overall cost of data protection.

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