Smart Managed Print Services: Unlocking your Managed Infrastructure to Optimise and Streamline Business Processes (Italy)

In an ecosystem, elements work in concert to ensure efficient processes. In the business environment, people, technology and information also form an ecosystem, where information exists in both structured and unstructured forms. The modern multifunctional printer (MFP) should sit at the heart of your ecosystem and your approach to business IT management:

  • The new generation of smart MFPs can help you bridge the divide between paper and digital documents – the result is devices and connections that provide true business benefits.
  • The Lexmark Smart MFP ecosystem brings together the device, software and services to help drive your business forward.
  • In this second paper of a three-part series, we take a look at how Smart Managed Print Services can help the IT team manage their fleet proactively and predictively and transform the flow of print and digital information across the business, reducing costs and improving knowledge worker productivity.

    With Lexmark’s Smart Managed Print Services, your business will see upfront operational savings through the introduction of a single-system view that spans the entire organisation. The approach provides a whole new level of control over support costs and consumables inventory.

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