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Social media policy


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  • Published October 4, 2016
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Every employee has an opportunity to express and communicate online in many ways, and the organization encourages an online presence. But above all else, they need to use good judgment on what material makes its way online. This policy sets forth guidelines employees should follow for all online communications in reference to this organization.

\r\nFrom the policy:

\r\nAny material presented online in reference to this company, by any associate, is the responsibility of the poster. We encourage all communication to be made with full, transparent, and accurate identification, if for no other reason than to establish honesty and credibility.

\r\nAlong with clear identification, associates must state that any opinion is their own and not a form of official communication from this organization. Communication on social media in reference to this company shall not include any corporate logos or trademarks unless it is official and sanctioned by the company.

\r\nTopic matter guidelines
\r\nAssociates are encouraged to use the following guidelines in social media interactions:
  • Be relevant to your area of expertise.
  • \r\n
  • Do not be anonymous.
  • \r\n
  • Maintain professionalism, honesty, and respect for other participants at all times.
\r\nApply a “good judgment” test for every activity related to this organization: Could you be guilty of leaking information, trade secrets, customer data, or upcoming announcements? Is it negative commentary regarding the company?

\r\nActivity showing good judgment would include statements of fact about this organization and its products and services, facts about already-public information, or information previously published on the company website.

\r\nAssociates should avoid responding to inflammatory and/or inaccurate comments posted on public forums concerning the organization, its products, or its business practices. Responding to such comments may lead to a heated exchange that can never be won. Particularly offensive and/or threatening comments should be referred to the Corporate Affairs Department or to Corporate Legal Counsel.\r\n

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